Veronica Liburd, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach & Mentor


Veronica Liburd is an Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach and Mentor. She is Passionate about empowering others. She also inspires others to achieve their highest potential. Through her health and wellness Business,  lifestyle coaching and mentor-ship, Veronica Liburd enhances the quality of life for others.

As an Entrepreneur, Veronica Liburd owns and operates a Health and Wellness Business, where the the well being of her customers are change positively. Whether it is through loosing weight, reducing stress or performance enhancement, Veronica Liburd is committed to providing the best possible service. 

Veronica Liburd provides cutting edge high quality, all natural and organic products. She also serves as a  lifestyle coach  where she  transform the lives of others. Veronica Liburd also serves as a Mentor and Leader to her team and business partners.

Veronica Liburd also provides  a vehicle for financial freedom for those who are looking for a business opportunity or to create an extra stream of income.

If your need is for better health, coaching for clearer vision or a great business mentor or leader, Veronica Liburd will provide you with exceptional, high quality professional service.

Entrepreneur | Lifestyle Coach | Mentor

Entrepreneur | Lifestyle Coach | MentorVeronica Liburd,

Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach and Mentor