Establishing Brand Recognition

Establishing Brand Recognition

Establishing Brand Recognition

In order to stand out in any industry, establishing brand recognition for your company, or “branding”, is essential. Branding can be done in many ways – visually with colors and a distinctive logo, with a theme song or recognizable sound in TV or radio spots, or even with a specific personality, like Flo for Progressive.

For example, when you think of IKEA, apart from egg shaped chairs and Swedish meatballs, you probably also think of their distinctive blue and yellow logo (colors pulled from the Swedish flag). If you see a sign for Farmers Insurance, odds are good that in your head you’re humming “We are Farmers, bum diddy bum dum dum dum dum”. And the Maytag repair man was so successful a brand that when the original actor aged out of the part, they had him “training a replacement” in several commercials in order to pass the baton properly.

Establishing Brand Recognition and your Image

So when you think of your company, what image do you want to present? How would you like your customers to recognize your service or product? If you hit the right note, you can get years of mileage out of a logo design or theme song, so don’t skimp on your designer or composer – even if you spend a fair amount on them, you can keep using that design for years to develop recognition. Even a specific font can help develop your brand – Home Depot used a white “stencil” look on an orange background to give an industrial, we-get-stuff-done feeling.

Sit down and look at your product or service. Do you want to project a classic, trustworthy image? Lean towards a simple color palette in blue (one of the most trustworthy colors) with an image that inspires confidence, and a classic font like Times New Roman to show your classic sensibilities. Are you trying to project a fun, funky vibe? Go with more unexpected colors like lime green and a font like Comic Sans or something similarly “fun” – but make sure your design and colors aren’t too trendy, or you’ll have to redesign in a few years to avoid looking dated. If you can’t afford to hire a focus group through a research center, at the very least run a poll either online or in person to see what your desired customers respond to.

Establishing Brand Recognition, is like an employee that keeps working around the clock for you, helping people remember your business and why they should choose you!

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