Mentoring and You

Mentoring and You the Relationship

The relationship between Mentoring and You can be a beneficial thing for both parties. The positive effects to you are obvious they get the benefit of your years of experience and wisdom, not to mention the advantage of your contacts that you have developed. But what are the benefits to the mentor? After all, you’re bringing all this to the table, all your years, all your hard work. What does the mentor get besides an ego boost in spring boarding a young new star?

Believe it or not, the person being mentored can teach you a thing or two! Not about your field, necessarily, but about new ways of doing business that have cropped up in the last five years. You might know all about promoting on Facebook, but they might know all the ins and outs of Twitter, Google Plus, or whatever new social media site has taken over the market.

Mentoring and You Marketing and Networking with others

Another thing that a the person being mentored can do is introduce you to their contacts! It’s not just an old boys network out there anymore you need to know the young start ups and upstarts that may revolutionize your industry in the next few years. Working with the person being mentored will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry in a new way.

Mentoring can also help you develop your own leadership skills. If you currently do manage other people, working closely with someone on a frequent basis will help you learn how to fine tune your language and delivery. If you are just moving into a management position, mentoring can give you confidence that you can help other people reach new heights.

Mentoring and You How it Helps Your Life

And finally, yes  you will feel good about helping a person get their start in life! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone had the advantage of a seasoned professional taking them under their wing in those early years? You can offer that to someone who’s just starting out, making their launch in life more successful. So many young professionals are struggling under the weight of extensive student loans and high living costs having an edge in your industry can make a world of difference.

The person being mentored can be a boost for both the people involved you just need to know how to look at it!

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